Greenlee Tourism Council: a professional client history

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Akos Kovach lives in Clifton, Arizona and has a successful story in economic development in Southern Arizona. We have worked together for 14 years and have accomplished many projects through the years. Recently, he wrote this client history to a new board at Greenlee Tourism Council.

In 2010, Akos Kovach was the Economic Development Coordinator for SEAGO (Southeastern Arizona Governments Organization.) Kovach partnered with the Cochise County Tourism Council on events, promotions and attractions. The primary social media, local TV station, radio and printed media experts were Margaret & Gary Dillard. Dillard Marketing. Their background consisted of live TV, Paydirt Magazine and numerous partnerships with the SBDC at Cochise College.

By describing the benefits of a Tourism Council to various interested members of the Greenlee County, the foundation was laid to organize a similar Tourism Council here in Greenlee. There was broad based support from the Mayor and Council in Duncan, Duncan Town manager, business owners in Duncan plus Greenlee County elected officials, the Cooperative extension, Greenlee Golf Course, Gi’Mees, Business Association of Chase Creek, Greenlee County Chamber of Commerce, FMI, PJ’s Café and several additional business owners.

Funding started off slow, but the Dillard’s chose to invest their time and talent in the fledging Greenlee Organization. They helped produce the SEAGO Newsletter, which promoted Tourism and events throughout Southeastern Arizona (Greenlee, Santa Cruz, Graham & Cochise Counties). With the support and professional advice of the Dillard’s the concept of a Greenlee Tourism Council got some traction.

It must be noted that everyone listed above also saw the opportunity that existed by creating a Tourism Council locally, and by 2012 the Rivers, Valleys, Mountains & Trails – Greenlee Tourism Association’s (GTA) original name – came into existence.

For years the Dillard’s performed numerous services gratis. They were loyal to Greenlee County. Margaret in particular has traveled here, and supported the GTA through thick and thin – through the Covid pandemic to this day.

I share all this because in these times loyalty seems to be lost in the trash talk of A.I., but real people, with real heart and soul that stand by you is a rarity. 

Thank you, Akos

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