Social media takes in a broad range of applications, from Twitter to LinkedIn to Instagram, but for the most part, small businesses in southern Minnesota tend to begin with Facebook for online promotions.

Setting up a Facebook page is relatively straightforward, but using it to its fullest requires understanding the ever-shifting nature of the beast. And as a beast, Facebook can best be described as a shape-shifter, because of frequent changes in what it (and you) can and can’t do.

We will set up your Facebook page, and provide two two-hour training sessions on best practices, for a package price of $300 (for those in the Fairmont and surrounding areas. Other areas require additional travel costs.) You’ll also get a handbook on best practices as a reference guide.

If you already have a Facebook page and are happy with it, we will provide the training.

If you want to get into Facebook advertising, we will need to talk about specifics. Contact us for a free consultation.

If you want to get involved in other social media, we should discussion your specific needs on that as well.

If you want a blog, see our Website Development page for prices.

If you want someone to do your social media posting, our hourly rates are $60.