Does your online presence need cybersecurity?

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Today, more than ever, your online property and reputation is at risk. Cyber security once was a part of big business. Small businesses are being hit hard and because this is rather new and highly specialized, many web professionals are not ready to take on security.

Recently, one of our clients was targeted across multiple platforms and was in jeopardy of losing their domain, hosting, email, multiple social media accounts. The attacker, alias “Gero Nimo” (One big clue here is if you combine first and last name, a famous Apache medicine man may come to mind.) also attempted to claim TripAdvisor and Yelp and was briefly successful in funneling money from online orders into his own account. I am happy to say that we were able to secure ALL of those accounts because we caught the thefts early.

Our team, at Dillard Marketing is ready. To take on security issues and we have assembled a package

  • to ward off hackers,
  • address web compliance to help with overall ranking with search engines, and
  • keep up with viewer analytics.

If you are interested in discussing this package, please get in touch soon. The introductory rate is $299 through July 2022.

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