Essential Factors to Help You Determine What Type of Business to Start

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by Dana S. Webb | Guest Contributor

You’re ready to start a business and be your own boss. The only problem is you don’t know what type of company you should begin. With endless industries and niches, you can wear yourself out trying to pick the perfect idea. Use these tips for guidance to decide which option is best for you.

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Market Demand and Size

A crucial consideration is if enough people are willing to spend money on a product. You have to understand consumer pain points and provide a solution. Specify an ideal customer profile to target because people seek to identify with distinct communities and rarely respond to generic ad campaigns.

An important step when you set up a new company is to study the competition. Read reviews and industry data to discover what attracts people and what turns them off. The amount of competition can decide if there is enough room in the space for you to make a reasonable profit. 

Your Skill Set

You don’t have to be an expert to be a successful entrepreneur, but you need enough industry know-how to speak knowledgeably about the product to customers, partners, and investors. If you’re reentering a field you’ve been away from, you may need to dedicate time to refining your acumen. Free courses may be enough to get you up to speed, or you may need to invest in training or certifications, which can also make you more marketable.

If you’re a novice, investigate hiring a consultant who can help you develop a coherent brand strategy. Marketing is just as important as providing a quality product because people won’t buy from you if they don’t know you exist or understand your value. Work with Dillard Marketing & Consulting to craft a story that sticks in the head of your target audience and draws them to you.

Your Drive

Find where your passion and expertise align to endure the grueling effort that will sometimes be required. Your excitement for your field is another crucial element for attracting ideal clients, engaged team members, and influential investors.

Your Resources

Take a realistic view of what it will take to get your business in the black. If you lack the necessary capital or time, you set yourself up for failure. Create a schedule that allows you to put sufficient energy into the firm, especially if you need to maintain traditional employment or another gig to cover the bills. 

Build and reestablish connections with people in your industry and others to lay the foundation for strategic alliances. Reports show that millions of dollars in government grant money for small businesses go unclaimed, so take advantage of free money.

Writing a Business Plan

An excellent way to assess and wisely guide your resources is with a business plan. The document increases your odds of success and keeps your organization on track. Find easy-to-use templates online. Your plan requires:

  • An executive summary
  • A company description
  • Your management structure
  • How you’ll sell services
  • Necessary funding
  • Financial projections

Selecting a business structure is an important decision for any entrepreneur so this should be in your business plan as well. Forming a limited liability company (LLC) is gaining in popularity due to its flexibility and tax benefits. An LLC creates an extra sense of protection from personal liability, eliminating the risk of legal issues from affecting personal finances. If you’re planning on registering an LLC in Minnesota, learn more about the five required steps.


You need to create replicable processes that you can train others in for sustainable growth. If your business can’t turn a profit at scale, it will only ever be a gig. Figure out how your company can grow and evolve to meet new demands and solve fresh pain points. Many massive corporations were once in an entirely different industry but pivoted to meet the needs they were uniquely positioned to solve. 

In business, action trumps indecisiveness. Review these essential factors and other pertinent details to decide on a business type. Remain flexible and adapt to the market. You will settle into the optimal situation for your talents.

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